Day 2 – start of homestay

Our day started off with a visit to the Miyazaki Prefecturial Museum of Nature and History where we got to learn about Miyazakis rich history, culture and natural environment.

After that, we were treated to a visit to a reconstructed traditional village that had relocated and reconstructed village houses from cities around Miyazaki. The surroundings were beautiful and seemed to be out of a Japanese film.

Then we headed for a simple lunch at a local udon shop where we sat in traditional Japanese low tables.

Then we headed to our first visit to the schools! Here are some pictures taken from our trip to Miyazaki Gakuen Junior High.

Day 1 done!

Since landing in Miyazaki, it’s been a whole day of travelling and exploring despite the sleepless plane ride.

We got to visit AEON, one of the biggest malls in Miyazaki and needless to say, we were thrilled to try new food and shop.

After which, a few of us got the chance to meet the Vice Governor of Miyazaki!

Now after a hearty buffet dinner, we are all ready for bed and visiting our host schools tomorrow!